Fall is here!  The colours are beautiful, the days are short and the air is cool.  I think I will like it when the time changes and it isn’t quite so dark in the mornings.  

   Olivia is starting to put in her applications for college and university.  It is hard to believe that she will be leaving home next September! Natalie has been once again been planning her Halloween night the entire month of October.  She loves dressing up and getting into the spirit of Halloween.  It is one of her favourite holidays and I’d honestly be happy if it passes by unnoticed!  But it makes her happy so we go along with it.  Nathan is purely in it for the candy!  

   Todd has been re-elected for Watford-Warwick Township Council again.  With a new mayor and 2 new councillors it is sure to be a change but he is looking forward to it.  Todd is also finishing up another successful year of farming.  He really loves it and is always looking for new ideas to improve.

   You’ll see Nathan around here a little more as he is going to give the student shift a try.  Lets see if White #3 can keep up to his sisters!

   Its been a busy fall and you will see me decorating for Christmas soon!  Time really does fly I think. 

From our home to yours…much joy in November!  



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